Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Each of us must be accountable
for wrongs committed–there
are no secret deeds.
Each is revealed in the Light.

Do not think that the other’s
wrong is greater, therefore yours
does not count; each are a
stain upon the soul.

Make restitution to those
whom you have harmed.
Ask them to forgive you.
If they do not, you have done your part.
No error is too small to ignore,
or too grave to forgive.

You need not be with those
who continue to harm you,
but leave with your heart
free of bitterness; pray for them
that they may choose the Light.

We are each accountable
for thought and deed.
Delay not, right your wrongs;
live in peace and harmony,
walking the path of Light and Love.

Share the Joy!!

The photo is called “The Cat’s Eye Nubula” by the Hubble Org. I was listening to Sara Potenza’s bubbly composition, Happy Zappy, when I first saw this dazzling picture. Immediately a vision appeared of me as a child playing within this beautiful formation. Here is what I wrote as I watched the vision and listen to the music.

Click on the MP3 file of Happy Zappy and listen to it as you read the poem to understand the sheer joy I felt.


Here I go! Swimming
through the stars
turning slow, then fast
and faster flips across
the Milky Way! Spinning
in, out, over, around
The Cat’s Eye, a star flower
of delight.

Get behind me, form a line.
Join the fun! Skim down moonbeams,
slide into the wormhole consciousness.
Leave behind all that was,
embracing all that will be!

Life is a delight, have fun.
Drink in the glory of creation
Love, laugh, and share your joy!!


Sara invites you to download Happy Zappy for your listening pleasure and to share with friends. If you wish to use the music for commercial purposes, please contact Sara at:

To hear more of Sara’s music, visit her blog titled, Music from the Heart. Her link is on my sidebar.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Slow Down!

Your life
Savor each moment
We run, to what?
Discipline your mind
Be still

Divine Mother

Divine Mother, be with us,
Call forth our feminine energy–creativity and love.
Balance the world, nurture our needs.
Divine Mother, be with us.
We need courage–masculine energy,
Mixed well with feminine loving wisdom.
Divine Mother, be with us,
Call forth our feminine energy–creativity and love.


Once upon a time, there were five young men who lived in five different villages. The first one was very unhappy about his poverty and the consequent lack of good food and dress. The second one was distressed about his house which leaked during the rainy season. The third one was dissatisfied with the village girls he had to choose from for his marriage. The fourth one was sorry that his village did not have sturdy, elevated roads and the rainy season would virtually cut the place off from the rest of the country. He wanted to earn a lot of money to build roads for his village. The fifth one was interested in gaining more knowledge about life, and was supposed to be a great man with excellent qualities of the head and heart.

Each of the five felt that their aims and ambitions could not be realised if they remained in their villages. With the blessings of their parents, they left for the capital city. By an amazing coincidence they all met on the main highway to the city and decided to travel together and be mutually helpful.

It was past midnight when they reached the city. As they were exploring the streets in search of a place to sleep for the night, they came across a scene where one man was being over-powered by four others. The man was eventually bested, but he valiantly declared: "I won't allow you fellows to rob that house, as long as I am alive." The leader of the four ruffians shouted: "Hey! Why do you bother about what we do? We will loot or kill to get our bread and butter! If you try to prevent us, you are sure to be killed yourself!" The five young men pounced on the four robbers, and after a brief struggle managed to secure them all with a rope . The rescued man was very grateful for their succor, and after enquiring about their circumstances, arranged a place for them to sleep. He also invited them for breakfast the next day at his house, at 'No. 1 on the Main Road.'

The next morning, after a good night`s rest, the five young men promptly went in search of their new friend's house, and found that it was the palace of the king. The noble king occasionally went around the city in disguise – and that is how he had been when encountered by the five young men.

The king gave them a hearty welcome, and told his ministers how he was about to be killed when he was saved by the young men's valour. Everyone was shocked and happy at the same time, and unanimously desired that the young men be suitably rewarded. So the king said, "Young men! Just ask for whatever you desire the most and I will see that you get it."

The first one asked for land and money so that he and his parents could eat and dress better. The second one asked for money enough to build a good house for his family. The third one asked for a beautiful girl to marry. The fourth one asked for a good road to be constructed for his village. As each request was made the king gave suitable orders to satisfy their needs, finally turning to the fifth man. He said: "Your Majesty, I am so happy just to see you – whom I wanted to serve in some capacity or other for so long. I request you to come to my village every year and stay there for at least a week and accept my humble hospitality! "

The king and his ministers were surprised at such a request. Yet the king ordered that henceforth he would be visiting that village every year and stay for a week at the young man's house. The ministers immediately left for the young man's village to inspect the conveniences and comforts available there. And lo! there was no good road in the village! The house of the young man was pretty ordinary, he was not married, and also without sufficient means to make the king's stay comfortable.

So they decided to build a good road to the village, and a big enough house for the king to stay in comfortably. They also chose a girl from an aristocratic family to be his wife, ensuring that the king's tastes would be properly taken care of during his stay. And, it was decided to make the young man a zamindar(landlord) so he would have enough income to maintain the big house and his aristocratic wife, and take care of the king's needs during his annual visits.

The moral of the story is obvious. If you pray for God Himself and seek to serve Him, you will get everything you may ever need and much more. But if you pray for this and that, well, you will get this and that only! The choice is yours.

- Author Unknown -


Give me amnesia
That I may forget past hurts
Help me forget pride and greed
Cleanse my mind of judgment and envy
Help me start each day
With amnesia of all woes
Remembering only the Lesson of Love

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

- Maya Angelou

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